(a) All products sold, defective or not, are NON-REFUNDABLE.

(b) The purchaser is responsible for notifying the seller of any missing or defective parts or components within three business days of receiving the Equipment. The seller has full discretion in determining if missing or defective parts or components will be replaced.  

(c) If any Equipment is found to be defective, please refer to the Warranty Policy section.

(d) Replacement parts for any Equipment covered by the Limited Warranty in the Warranty Policy section are shipped at the seller’s expense.

(e) All shipping charges and local import duties/taxes should be paid for by the purchaser. Please consult your Customs Office for import duties and taxes.

(f) If the purchaser decides not to pay for the import duties/taxes upon delivery, the product sold will be returned to the seller without any refund to the purchaser.

(g) For U.S., Canada, Mexico & Taiwan shipping and purchases, please visit STRYK’s website at