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Is the STRYK RXT-1 good for beginners?

Yes. If you're a beginner, start with Learn Mode to get comfortable with the device and its movements, and adjust the speed and type of strikes to your comfort level via the settings panel.

Is the RXT-1 good for pro fighters?

Yes. Professional boxers and MMA fighters, including several UFC and ONE champions, use STRYK RXT-1. Spar Mode simulates a realistic sparring session via unpredictable strikes, and Combination Mode simulates what a focus pad coach would do and can be used to drill complex combinations. You can adjust the speed of the strikes up to an estimated 40mph, and each mode offers four intensity levels.

Can I kick the RXT-1?

You can throw hand strikes or knees only to the torso pad, but we do not recommend kicking your STRYK, as it's possible to miss the target and damage your foot or the robot. Use this device at your own risk. Do not strike any part of the STRYK RXT-1 other than the intended targets: the top half of the arms, head pad, and torso pad. 

Do I need a subscription to use it?

No. There are no apps, subscriptions, or pay-walls of any kind. Once your STRYK is delivered, you can set it up and start striking in minutes. There is no WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Just plug and play!

Does it come with a stand?

No. However, we'll be releasing patented stand for the RXT-1 in the near future. At present, the RXT-1 needs to be mounted (wall, lifting rack or similar structure).

I'm short/tall. Can I adjust the height?

Yes. You can adjust the height up to 12 inches. Make sure your STRYK is mounted so you can safely adjust it.

Can the RXT-1 replace real sparring?

There's no substitute for real sparring or a qualified striking coach teaching you 1-on-1. However, STRYK is more interactive than heavy, slip, speed, and punching, or "smart" bags because it incorporates all their elements into one.

Can I use the RXT-1 while injured?

The idea for STRYK was borne from an injury. Our founder wanted a low-impact means to train dispute a hand and wrist injury. That's why it's low impact. However, speak with your medical provider first. Ultimately, it depends on your injury. Use your best judgement–and at your own risk.


How do I setup my RXT-1?

Each RXT-1 comes with a wall mount, one 10x7 inches (25x18cm) mounting plate and four wall anchors. You can install it in less than 5 minutes via your wall, or onto a lifting rack.